ON/NO Policy on the Protection of Personal Information


As a not-for-profit corporation ON/NO is not subject to the provisions of the Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Acts (PIPEDA). However, we take the privacy of our members very seriously and in order to protect that privacy the following policy is included in the Rules and Bylaws of ON/NO as Section 8.05 Privacy.


For purposes of ON/NO operations and to provide members with information on ON/NO business and activities, ON/NO requires certain limited information from its members. Specific examples of such purposes include managing admission to events and the sending of membership renewal notices, announcements for events, ON/NO information, and newsletters.

By signing the membership form, members agree to the collection of this information for ON/NO use.


The information provided will be used solely for the purposes of ON/NO operations and to provide members with information on ON/NO business and activities. It will be available only to members of the board and ON/NO officers as required to fulfill ON/NO functions.

Details of membership will not be shared either to other ON/NO members or outside ON/NO. From time to time ON/NO is asked by Naturists Associations such as the Federation of Canadian Naturists (FCN) to confirm ON/NO membership of a person/s applying for association membership. These questions are answered by just ‘Yes’ or ‘No’, no other details will be released.


Consent for ON/NO to keep personal information of members will be renewed each year on the membership renewal form. Consent may be withdrawn at any time and that will also be the termination of membership. Lapsed membership constitutes withdrawal of consent. All lapsed information will be moved to "Inactive Status" and separated from active records. After six (6) years, all outdated personal information will be purged from the records of ON/NO.


The Board of Directors of ON/NO will be happy to provide individuals with access to their personal records within thirty (30) days of receipt of a written request.


Any and all complaints will be dealt with promptly and in strict confidence by one or more Directors of ON/NO.

Approved by the Ottawa Naturists / Naturistes de l’Outaouais at the Member's Meeting of June 18, 2015