Who are we?

ON/NO is a family-oriented nonlanded naturist club situated in the National Capital region of Canada: Ottawa/Gatineau.

The idea for the club was conceived in 1993, when a few naturists, who'd met at a nearby free beach, decided it was time to do something about the lack of naturist opportunities during the very long and cold eastern Canadian winters. Out of that first initiative, ON/NO was born and, by autumn, the first swimming pool had been rented.

From the beginning, ON/NO enjoyed the support of the landed naturist clubs around Ottawa, many of whose members are also members of ON/NO.

Today ON/NO has over 200 adult members who, along with their children, enjoy bi-weekly swims at indoor pools in the Ottawa area as well as a growing list of other social activities, including dinners, board game evenings, massage and life drawing workshops, yoga, volleyball, basketball, bowling, mini-putt, not to mention organized group visits to naturist clubs and resorts in eastern Ontario and western Quebec.

ON/NO nude events are NOT clothing-optional. Nudity is required at the pools and is dictated by the hosting club/resort rules during organized visits. If you're shy we suggest you wrap yourself in a large towel until you feel comfortable (which won't take long).

In addition to its social activities, ON/NO takes a proactive role in promoting naturism and providing information to the public through seminars and the news media.

ON/NO is incorporated in Ontario, Canada as a Not-for-Profit club and is run entirely by volunteers.