Membership in ON/NO

Membership in ON/NO entitles you to attend ON/NO nude events, to receive quarterly newsletters and schedules, and to vote at General Members' meetings. Your membership card, in addition to providing access to ON/NO events, also doubles as a good introduction to other naturist clubs and resorts.

Membership costs only $30/year for a single person, $40/year for a couple or a family (one membership is limited to a maximum of two adults, at one address, and their children).

Admission to ON/NO swims and other nude events is at additional cost. General Members' meetings are free-of-charge, clothed and open to the public.

ON/NO does not discriminate against single men but, should the ratio of men to women exceed 2:1, ON/NO reserves the right to place single male applicants on a waiting list.

Please understand that, despite our best efforts, many people still have the wrong idea of what naturism is all about. Therefore it is ON/NO's policy that unless you are already a member of another naturist club (travel or landed), you cannot become a member without a preliminary screening and you must attend three events, including at least one general meeting and one nude event, before your membership becomes final.

Naturism should be an enjoyable experience for everyone. ON/NO expects its members and guests to treat each other and the facilities with dignity and respect. Sexual harassment is not tolerated and can result in expulsion, revocation of membership or even criminal prosecution where warranted.

Important reading

The following documents define the rights and obligations of ON/NO members and lay out the standard of conduct expected from ON/NO members and their guests at ON/NO events. All ON/NO members should be familiar with the contents of these documents. New members should review the first three documents, in particular, before attending their first nude event.

Want to join us?

Please feel free to drop in at the next General Members' or Executive meeting (at which attendees are clothed). See the schedule for dates and location.

Click here for the ON/NO Membership Application Form.