ON/NO turns 25. Let’s celebrate!

The ON/NO 25 CHALLENGE GAME was designed to encourage our members to actively participate in everything that ON/NO membership offers. The game also encourages volunteering, talking about naturism and trying new activities.

Here is the game in a nutshell:

  • The challenge began on September 9th 2017 and ends with the 25th Anniversary party in November 2018.
  • Each participant receives a game card and a list of tasks to choose from. The game card has 25 squares (similar to a bingo card) with 5 squares marked as “Bonus”.
  • Tasks are divided into three groups: “Activities”, “Events”, and “Special”. When you complete a task, you can request a token from a Board member to fill in your game card.
Seems easy enough, right?

Well we want to challenge everyone just a little so there are some rules.

  • You can only use an Activity, Event or Special once on your game card.
  • You can only register one task from each group per calendar day.
  • 20 of the tasks must be at ON/NO events or verifiable through a picture (selfie time!). Photos will not be shared with anyone other than the Board member to whom you show it to verify the task.
  • The “Bonus” squares can be filled with unverified tasks but if all 25 squares are filled with verifiable tasks you could win a bonus prize.

The task list


  • swimming (indoor)
  • swimming (outdoor)
  • hot tub
  • sauna
  • steam room
  • water slide
  • sun tanning
  • volleyball
  • bowling
  • mini putt
  • attending a nude resort (this would be an example of a task that could be verified with a picture – remember to ask permission and follow resort guidelines)


As other events are planned throughout the year this list may grow. When a new event is planned and announced we will let you know how it can be applied to the game.

  • Winternude
  • Happy Nude Year
  • Board Game Night
  • Murder Mystery Night
  • 25th Anniversary


  • Volunteer to help (curtains or other set-up)
  • bring a first time guest
  • renew your membership (for 2018/2019 season)
  • host an event
  • mention ON/NO in Social Media

We want to offer as many task options as possible so if you have any suggestions please submit them to a Board member.


It is possible to complete this challenge through ON/NO endorsed events or events held at officially designated naturist sites. If choosing to complete some tasks while not at an ON/ NO endorsed event or officially designated naturist site please be responsible and safe. ON/NO cannot take responsibility for personal injury and does not have the budget to bail members out of jail.

Good luck, have fun and enjoy our 25th Anniversary season!